I want to become a Christian!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life!~ John 3:!6

Congratulations on taking the first step of faith and declaring that you want to be a Christian. It’s never easier to take the first step on a journey, but it’s one that will be incredibly rewarding, inspiring and challenging. The next step on your journey is to make a prayer of commitment to Jesus Christ, who died so that you might live, not in the phyiscal, but in the spiritual. You may think a prayer of commitment is a daunting thing, but it’s actually very simple. You can just close your eyes, put your hands together and say the following words:-

“Jesus I ask you to come into my life as Lord and Saviour. Please enter my heart and make me a new creation in you.”


After that it’s about buying yourself a copy of the bible and finding a local church if you’re not already part of one.
It can be very daunting finding a church, especially if it’s by yourself, but if it’s a good church then everyone there will be super helpful and welcoming.

The bible can be extremely overwhelming to begin with, but there is no rush and you can read through it at your own pace. I always thing it’s a good idea to start at the beginning, but there are lots of bible aps out there that have daily reading courses, which can help you be organised. Unless you’re a huge avid reader, it’s probably best to start small and be consistent. Try reading a chapter a day and see what happens.

If you’d like any more help on this journey please see the Christian resources section of my website which can be found under the heading salvation. You can also add your name and message below which will give me the opportunity to pray for you as you start this amazing journey of getting to know God and Jesus.