You Thought Wrong by RE Harper

You think it’s funny to call me a name,

To you it’s just a funny game.

You think it’s hilarious to put me down,

To you I am just like a clown.

You think it’s cool to make me look dumb,

You’ll do anything for a bit of fun.

You think you’re going to go somewhere,

Calling me names and you don’t even care.

You think it’s good to make me upset,

You don’t ever feel any regret.

I think it’s amazing to call me pain,

When you do not feel any shame.

I think it doesn’t take me much to cause me pain,

To hurt someone you don’t need a brain.

I think to laugh you don’t need to cause hurt,

So next time you should think first.

It doesn’t take much to make me feel bad,

All it does it really does is make me sad.

It takes a lot more to make something of yourself,

To be a better person; you need you- no one else!

I am not a clown or someone to amuse,

I can cope with the pain and the abuse.

I can cope with your taunting and making me sad,

With your name calling and being really bad.

But what hurts the most is not the pain,

It’s that you keep hurting again and again.

When will you stop; when there is a death?

Because of your taunting, then will your regret?

What lengths will you go to give yourselves pleasure?

Will the name calling and bullying go on forever?

One day it could be you in my place,

Being taunted and teased with a frown on your face.

But I will give you a hand and try to help,

Because I know how it feels to be by myself

I am not like you; I do not call and make people hurt,

To be you I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

So keep calling me names; do what you do,

I’d rather be a victim than someone like you!