The Final Letter Unsent by RE Harper

It’s not secret that Abraham Lincoln used to have this ritual of writing letters to people who he felt had wronged him. However, instead of sending them, he put them to one side and then re-read them after a good nights sleep to ensure that his writing was not based on impulsive feelings alone.

This letter is written to John Wilkes Booth,

Speaking of my life and truth.

Though we had not personally met,

You decided I should be dead.

Frankly, I think it was a high price to pay,

For deciding to go to the theatre that day.

Why was it you decided to take my life?

Was it because I unified our country’s divide.

Or perhaps it’s because I wanted to end slavery,

That meant only that white men could be free.

Though this letter will not be sent,

I assure you every word of it is meant.

Despite being dead, my legacy remains quite intact,

Though you became part of my final act.

It was an honour to be number sixteen,

And to help build the American dream.

I wanted every person to have humans rights,

 Because you can’t tell someone to live half a life.

Did I achieve that? Is America now proud and tall?

Well it is, but there’s still much to do in equality for all.

So you see; though you shot me in the back of the head,

My ideas live on and in that way I will never be dead.

So you failed John Wilkes Booth,

In trying to supress my truth.

Equality and truth is what I gave,

That’s why they still call me honest Ab.