The Corrupted Trilogy Q and A

Why a Trilogy?

Why not a trilogy? Well originally it was just one book, but then once I thought of that huge cliff-hanger at the end, the story in the next book came to me very organically and I was able to write to be continued. It was while I was plotting out the second book that I began to wonder how I should end it. I always think to myself; what’s the most shocking thing I could end this on? What could really pack a punch? Then suddenly, I could see it… the whole trilogy and it just felt like this wonderful jigsaw that had come together.

What inspired you to start writing it?

Up until the idea for book one came together, I really struggled to become entirely engrossed in writing a book. I needed it to be something that felt like a real personal challenge, but exciting from the readers point of view too. I have always loved psychology so the idea of writing a book where you found out more about a main character’s past at different stages of a book really appealed to me. I also wanted to tell lots of mini stories but link them all into one big one. It took me a long time to find a good structure, idea and rhythm that worked with that.

Will there be any more books in the Trilogy?

Well to me; trilogy does really imply three and one of my favourite movie series is ‘The Back to the Future Trilogy’ It was epic in terms of how it linked them altogether and still left people wanting more. So no, I don’t think there will ever be a continuation of the books from Lucy’s perspective, I think we can safely say she has really come full circle by book three. However, Daniel’s character I think is the one where there is a lot more to explore. That’s why my next book will be about Daniel’s past in a novella type story. It’s more full on drama than The Corrupted Trilogy, but then he has had quite a traumatic past.

Are you happy with how it’s all worked out?

I don’t think authors are ever 100% happy with their work. I kind of wish I’d know more when writing the first book what the overall game plan was. Then perhaps I would have done some things slightly differently. However, I think it’s all come together very well in the end. I will also say I was very happy to be editing the third book while working on the forthcoming prequel novella, about Daniel as the information crosses over a lot and I was able to ensure continuity.

Are you eager to step away from the Trilogy?

I’m not sure eager is the word I’d use. Excited to prove myself away from it, sure, but also scared that nothing I do might actually live up to it. The first book I’ll be releasing after the spin off Novella, is a dark psychological comedy novella and it is very different but I think it’s an interesting concept. I always go with ‘if I really enjoy writing it, then surely someone somewhere will enjoy reading it’

Which character did you find the most interesting from a writing point of view?

I would probably have to say it’s a tie between Daniel and Alex, which is hilarious given their connection. Daniel is interesting to write for because he’s such a closed off person, he’s like this big mystery and I love doing those chapters in Book 2 and 3 where it’s his narrative and you get an idea of what his thoughts actually are.

For Alex, it was crazy because I’m aware that most character writing is usually a self-portrait, so I had to really think on where such a nasty piece of work had come from. I think they key to Alex’s character lies in his mental health disorder and how he chooses to deal with it combined with what he’s actually been through. The idea that he never feels in control yet has all this anger and hatred is a terrifying combination. If he is a self-portrait he definitely reflects the darkest parts of my subconscious.

If there is one thing you want readers to take from the Trilogy what is it?

That it’s always our choices that define who we are and never our experiences. That no matter how bad we feel, no matter the situation we are in we can always choose to change or get support. We just have to find something worth living, changing and growing for.