‘Our Queen’

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

‘In loving memory of her majesty the queen. 1926-2022’

The tragic news we’d all been dreading finally arrived,

that you our beloved queen, our national treasure had died.

You led with such grace and endless devotion,

now you’re gone our hearts are broken.

Thank you so much for the promise you made,

no one can deny the service you gave.

You proudly and dutiful served your country right till the last,

welcoming the new prime minster two days before you passed.

So great was your commitment to live by your faith,

I can only imagine the smile you put on God’s face.

Your sense of humour was a key well-loved trait,

how we loved to laugh with our head of state.

It’s well documented how much you loved horses,

Riding them or watching them on the race courses.

Corgis, I’m sure, will always remind us of you,

Did they ever know just who they belonged to?

It really is hard to comprehend that you’re gone,

But we all know that your memory will definitely live on.

Of course, you didn’t just belong to us,

You had a family by who you were greatly loved.

A mother, wife, a granny and a gan gan,

They knew you in a way, none of us can.

Yet we all felt you were a part of our lives,

You instilled in us a sense of national pride.

You were there for us through the good and the bad,

Arguably the greatest monarch we’ve ever had.

Beautiful and radiant at your coronation,

an event watched by so many of the nation.

You visited so many different places,

constantly putting smiles on faces.

During lockdown we all struggled to cope,

But you still brought us a message of hope.

As our queen you went above and beyond,

Who could forget your meeting with Mr Bond?

Thanks to Paddington Bear we did establish

Your majesty’s fondness for a marmalade sandwich.

Now you’re gone, we’ve got a new king,

And I’m sure he’ll do a great many things.

 Of course, there’s been many monarchs that the nation has seen,

But they’ll never again be anyone quite like ‘our queen’.

Coyyright R.E Harper 2022