Name origins for Corrupted

Lucy Boragas

Lucy was originally going to be called Francesca in earlier drafts, but her last name Boragas developed when I was visiting Bulgaria. There were signs for a place called Burgus down the road from I was staying, so it developed from there . Lucy’s first name was changed, after I watched the TV show ‘Timeless’ and loved the character in that.

Doctor Daniel Robertson

I have always been a fan of the film ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ and also the song ‘Mrs Robinson’ by Simon and Garfunkel. So all I did for the Doctor’s last name was change the spelling to something a little similar. Daniel is the name of a person in the bible who is righteous and has wisdom as well as a follower of God, so this name seemed somewhat appropriate.

Nurse Elaine

One of my close friends in real life is actually named Elaine and she used to be a nurse, I met her while I was doing my teacher training and we’ve remained in touch ever since.

Max Gibson

One of my favourite childhood films was ‘Flight of the Navigator’. In the film, on a spaceship, a robotic pilot called Max says ‘Compliance’ a lot, which I thought was hillarious. I must admit I just randomly chose his surname, but I did used to be friends with someone a long time ago who had the same surname, so maybe it was subconcious.

Remy Armartti

One of my favourite TV shows when I was younger was the 90’s series Sliders. In it a character called Remembrant Brown is affectionately refered to as Remy. Armartti literally translates to cloaked in Latin, which if you’ve read the book you’ll know is an important plot point.

Bella Coeur

I was very literal with this one. Her name translated from French means ‘beautiful heart’.

Rosie (Patient)

I named this character after a lovely councillor friend I used to work with. If you’ve read the book, you might know that her character doesn’t have a happy ending, but I’m pleased to report my friend is very much happy and well.