Meet the Characters of Salvation

There are two new characters in the third and final book in the Corrupted Trilogy. With it being the last book, I didn’t want to introduce a host of new characters; this book was about closure, not introducing new concepts. Find out about the two new characters below.

Dr. Kelesberg

Dr. Kelebserg is Lucy’s new therapist. Yes, in the third and final book she’s finally stopped seeing Daniel as her pyschatrist and found somebody new. This new pyschatrist has no interest in a personal relationship with Lucy which makes for a very different dynamic, but it may also means that Lucy gets some better therapy.

Author’s note: I had mixed feelings when writing for the character of Keleberg, in some ways, he’s a lot of things that Daniel is not; a good pyschatrist, a more well balanced person ect, so it was hard not to feel a sense of betrayal in some sense. However, I had to focus on the character of Lucy and what she needed. This book is all about closure; she was never going to get that from Daniel as her pyschatrist because their lives are now too connected.

Alex Pembrookshire

It’s debatable whether Alex can be seen as a new character, given that he is the whole reason for the entire series. He is the villian of the series and is shroudded in mystery because we have no idea why he hates Lucy so much, why he faked his death or what he plans to do next, but we’re about to find out in this third and final book.

Author’s note: The character of Alex was really a terrifying concept to me, not because I was scared of him, but I was more worried about what he represented. They always say acting is a self-potrait, but the same is true of writing and I worried that deep down I was perhaps like Alex. However, towards the end of the book I finally figured it out; in the three books Daniel represents the part of my personality that pretends everything is ok and puts on this persona of being well put together. Whereas, Lucy represents the part of my personaltiy that is honesty about the hardships being dealt and comes back fighting. Alex is the result of someone being unable to reconcile the two different sides of their personaltiy within one body. How bitter would it make you to like one part of yourself but not the other? How crazy would you be?