Early Draft of Corrupted: Book One

R.E Harper started working on ‘Corrupted’ seven years ago and it came together one small piece at a time. The original draft is what would become the basis for Lucy and Robertson’s relationship and was orginanlly title ‘Broken’. It’s written in script form as that is how R.E Harper starts a story 50% of the time.


(Girl walks in and she is smoking a cigarette)

Psychologist: Did you know it’s illegal to smoke indoors?

Girl: I’m already in jail aren’t I?

(Psychologist gives her stern look and she puts it out.)

Psychologist: You must be Lucy

Girl: Guess I must be!

Psychologist: Do you know why you’re here?

Girl: Why are any of us here?  (Psychologist gives her a funny look)  Oh you meant like here here!

(She leans forward close to the Psychologist, gesturing to tell a secret.)

Girl: They say I killed a man!

Psychologist: Didn’t you?

Girl: Matter of opinion, but I don’t wanna talk about it

Girl: What do you want to talk about? (Girl notices cross ring on his finger) Oh your one of them!

Psychologist: One of what? (Then he spots what she is looking at) Oh…you mean Christian?

Girl: Yeah! That!

Psychologist: I take it you don’t approve?

Girl: Hey it’s not up to me to judge; that’s your job!

Psychologist: Is it?

Girl: I’m supposed to pour my heart out and you’re supposed to judge me and decide whats wrong!

Psychologist: That’s a very warped view of what I do!

Girl: You’re not my first psychologist! 

Author’s Notes

So, as you can see, the girl had no name in the very beginning. Dr. Robertson was a pyschologist instead of a pyschatrist and Lucy (or the girl) was smoking a cigarette (I took that part out because I thought it would be quite unrealistic and it made more sense for Robertson to offer her a flask of alcohol instead. However, the basis is still the same as you can still feel the challenge these two characters present to each other and how difficult the girl is as a a patient.