Christian Resources

Here you will find some useful links, some ap recomendations and also some of RE Harper’s personal sermons/ devotionals she has given in the past.

Website Links

If you’re interested in how you can read your bible, aren’t sure what bible to get or just want to navigate how to use it. I really recommend the bible gateway website, I’ve used it when planning sermons and also just to look various translations of the bible.

Billy Graham was a tremendous man of faith and his messages of faith about God and Jesus used to draw huge crowds into stadiums. If you want to grow in the Christian faith or get a general idea of what it’s about look no further than The Billy Graham Foundation.

Ap Recommendations

An App I use is The Holy Bible ap, it’s packed with various sermon courses, great ways to make notes and everything you could possibly want regarding the bible including have the bible read to you.

If you like to learn via TV shows then there is an ap called ‘The Chosen’ when you can find a free powerful tv series about the life of Jesus and his teachings.

There is a a channel in the UK and USA called TBN that streams great Christian content and keeps you up to date with the latest in Christian news (the example picture is of the UK version).

Finally, I would highly recomend the new Christian streaming service New Faith Network. It’s like the Christian version of netflix with great content that will really inspire you to think and act on the Christian life. Some of my personal favourites include ‘God’s not Dead’, ‘The Ecounter; TV series’ and ‘A Matter of Faith’ It’s only £5.99 a month in the UK and well worth the cost.

Personal Sermons

Coming soon; here RE Harper will share some of the notes and guidance for sermons she has given in the past on various subjects.