RE Harper launches new website

Rachael has been busy over the Christmas period putting the finishing touches to her new website (with a little-AKA a lot- of help from her blog and website advisor). She’s excited that it’s finally ready to be explored by her readers and people who may just be mildly curious about what she does. Hopefully you will enjoy it as it continues to grow and expand as Racheal releases new books.


Initial feedback for ‘Afflicted’

Feedback for Afflicted has been a while incoming due to people’s busy schedules over the Christmas period. However, Rachael is delighted that the first reviewer gave a five start rating on Amazon, along with a review where they stated that ‘there were revelations that I never saw coming.’

Another reviewer has also stated that it’s a ‘great fellow up to the first book in the series.’ Rachael reads each and every review that appears on Amazon and Goodreads so if you have enjoyed any of her books, please consider leaving a review there.

RE Harper’s next projects

In a recent email, RE Harper let her readers in on some exclusive news regarding her new projects. While she kept the information vague she did let slip she is working on two new novellas; one which is a dark comedy and one which is a prequel spin off for ‘The Corrupted Trilogy.’

A novella is usually smaller than a novel and consists of about 150-200 pages. Subscribe to RE Harper’s mailing list for further exclusives or keep you’re eyes on the news section for more information.